7 little things- an interim post

I was tagged by Cityhippyfarmgirl to share 7 more things about myself.

I am happy she wants to know 7 things more- I’m just a little stymied about what to add- I seem to do pretty full disclosure fairly often.  🙂

However, I was planning on posting about baking today and nothing is ready to photograph yet, so this will be the first post of the day with a promise of BREAD later.

Here goes:

1)  I love old things.  New things are nice, but there is nothing like the patina and depth of beauty that comes from being lovingly and well used.  I’d rather have something with a history than a warranty.

2) I’m a random weeder.  I cannot walk away from weeds in a bed- and it doesn’t matter whose bed of flowers it is either.  I’ve weeded beds at Sea World, at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., at church, at other people’s churches, whilst on Home Tours, in Williamsburg, VA….  Sometimes, I just do it without considering the consequences or even if there is a garbage can to deposit  the evidence.

3) I’ve designed  and made cookies that were photographed and made into Christmas cards.  I’ve made many cookies that were works of art- but they were all too soon consumed.  These are documented and although I don’t send them out anymore for Christmas it is kind of nice to look back and say,”I made that”.

4) I do funny things with numbers in my head.  I add the numbers in people’s phone numbers or on their license plates- I count my steps when I walk-  it is usually an unconscious habit that I only become aware of when I start to get into the thousands.  It doesn’t mean anything really, but I seem to be keeping count.

5)  The first time I heard my husband’s voice, I felt a tingling in my spine.  We didn’t get together for many years after that, but even now, when I hear his voice unexpectedly, I get that same sensation. After 35 years of marriage- you’d think I would have become accustomed to the timbre of his voice.

6)  Three years ago, I was basically a computer illiterate.  I had a hard time sending email.  Since then, I have taken classes online, written a blog, do research, bank and conduct business on my computer. 

7)  I love mysteries.  Reading them is like mind candy to me- watching them on tv is always a challenge ( I Always figure them out by the middle- which drives my younger son bonkers!) and it is very difficult to surprise me because I’m paying close attention to the order of things about me.  ( I also tend to make up a story to go with puzzling occurrences- but then- I tend to make up stories just to keep myself entertained!)

OK- that is seven- if you read to the very end- congratulations!  You now know more about me than you ever wanted to!

I promise to post pictures of Saffron bread later.

5 thoughts on “7 little things- an interim post

  1. I like all of these! It was not boring in the least! Even though I kind of knew some of them, the details you filled in are great. Thanks! I love you!

  2. Celia,
    I haven’t gotten too much into Ellery Queen -YET!
    I have Agatha Christy’s and D.L. Sayers, Patricia Wentworth, P.D. James, Elizabeth George, Diane Mott Davidson, Ellis Peters, Alexander McCall Smith- I can’t remember them all right now- but i do love them
    I used to have all the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy mysteries, plus Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes.
    Cynthia and Elizabeth- thank you for the kind words, I love you both- very much!

  3. Heidiannie out of all those things you have shared (and thank you 🙂 I love 4 the most. My adored grandfather used to do that. It kept his mind active especially during long commutes. What ever the numbers were he had to bring it back down to three. Multiply, adding, minus, dividing whatever was needed, and then get it down to three…thanks for the happy memory.

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