Lavender wands and other stuff.

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First, I’d like to apologize for the long silence.

I was waiting for a guest blogger to fill in the space.

My husband wanted to do the Sunday Psalm series on benedictions and blessings throughout the scriptures.  So I waited for his input.

He has been so busy that although he kept assuring me he would get it done- well….

So I just kind of went off in another direction and played with lavender this weekend.  And I made wands and a pretty candle wreath of thyme and lavender.

lavender wands2010 002  +lavender wands2010 003 =


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My kitchen smelled wonderful!

lavender wands2010 001

And I now have lavender woven into sweet scented wands.

14 thoughts on “Lavender wands and other stuff.

  1. Some people call them lavender bottles- perhaps a better name , because they bottle up the scent and when rolled lightly between the palms, the fragrance of lavender is released. I put them in drawers or with linens to add a gentle scent – one year I hung them on the Christmas tee alongside the tiny herbal wreaths of thyme, sweet woodruff and dusty miller.
    They are of Elizabethan origin – I like the history and romance of a less technological era before aroma therapy became a new age industry. 🙂

  2. I forgot to answer your question!
    Do NOT let the lavender dry- use the freshest and most pliable lavender you have because you don’t want the stem to break but bend.

  3. I love the wands. I’ve been thinking I need to put some sachets or something fragrant in my closet, and these would be beautiful. I’m glad to see you posted the link to the tutorial in your comments, because the way you have woven the ribbon is just lovely! Now to find some fresh lavender.

  4. Those, to use the current vernacular, are ‘awesome” !! I have long stemmed lavender but I have never seen anything like this at a craft fair, not that I go to many, I have tweeted this post, as a blog acquaintance of mine has just been posting about her lavender…. My, they sure are something. I drink lavender, rose, limeblossom and betony tea sometimes, well I drank it for a whole year originally, my herbalist called it happy tea!

  5. Thanks ladies- the kitchen did have a marvelous fragrance- and I’ve relocated the wands into my living room which is now the best smelling room in the house.
    Joanna- did you make your own tea? I would love the recipe to go with the ingredients. I’ve made up some herbal teas (mostly with a lemon verbena base- I love lemon) but yours does, indeed sound like a happy tea!

  6. The base was the limeblossom (lindenflower) and the other three were in smaller quantities, but I would hesitate to say make it yourself, I am not sure about the betony, the lavender, rose and limeflower are all pretty gentle florals. The betony for stress and migraines I think at the time.

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