Painting cups

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I meant to put up one (1) picture and the picture wizard went crazy and put them all up! 

TA DA!!!

This is what I did this afternoon-  the mugs down at the house in Chincoteague (The Sailors Rest) are HUGE!  Even bigger than the mug I have in the picture immediately above with the red knitted cup cozy around it!   So large that your coffee gets cold- you go into diabetic shock from the amount of hot chocolate- and the tea in the cup ends up being iced tea rather than hot.

So- I saw the smaller mugs on sale for $.50 each and I bought them. 

The problem with that is that I had a small vision when I looked at them in the store.  I saw them with a small anchor logo and the name of the house on them.

And I heard Jean-Luc Picard’s voice in my head saying, “Make it so.”

OK– I didn’t have any Star Trek voices in my head, but I really did flash on the logo thing and it seemed like I should do it.

So I got out my ceramic paints and did it.

They have to cure for 24 hours and then I will bake the logo onto the cups.

I am so glad I only bought a dozen.

What do you think of the cup cozy?  I knitted it in wool and felted it. 

I’m thinking Christmas presents with a package of  Heidi’s Homemade Gourmet Hot Chocolate and a HUGE mug with a personalized touch painted on it, and of course a felted wool teacup cozy.

22 thoughts on “Painting cups

  1. The nicest thing about the felted cozies is that if you get them too big and they don’t felt down small enough to fit the mug, you can cut off the excess and blanket stitch around them.
    And I tried mine out today- it keeps liquids hot for at least 10-12 more minutes!
    Yay! I like my coffee ! HOT! and I hate to keep putting it into the microwave.

  2. You are a very talented woman. But I guess we all already knew that. Nice job on the cups and cozy and great Christmas ideas!

  3. I love the Star Trek reference. Jean Luc Piccard is my favorite starship captain. 🙂

    I like the anchor with the green lettering the best. You are so talented!

    I personally like smaller mugs–I’m one of those that doesn’t drink beverages quickly enough, so bigger cups just mean more liquid getting cold. Hubby on the other hand likes giant mugs. 🙂

  4. thanks Lilly and Adrienne-
    My talents are small and in quick spurts- if I can’t finish a project within a couple of days- I generally pass. 🙂
    I am a Trekkie- I like them all- but Jean Luc is certainly the classiest of all the captains!
    And I vote for smaller cups- teacup size is my favorite.
    These just seemed to be perfect for coffee or tea- so I bought them.

  5. I love a line from a recent Big Bang Theory (current sitcom) when one of the characters was asked whether he preferred the original series or TNG. He replied…”Original over Next Gen, but Picard over Kirk”.. 🙂

    Personally, I always had a thing for Benjamin Sisko! 🙂

  6. I think they look great!!! You are such a wonderfully talented person. Oh I don’t think the mugs are that big (warning this statement is coming from the person that drinks tea out of the 16oz starbucks mugs).

  7. I think they look great and I think I am going to go make something warm right now…Here in the southern hemisphere it is VERY cold today.

  8. Meredith , Karen,
    thank you- I’m glad you like them!
    Enjoy your warm something, Karen- I’m looking for something ICED!
    Meredith- those mugs are LARGE, starbucks is not a good standard for mug sizing.

  9. I love the idea of a cup cozy. And your lettering is excellent, I can’t write in a straight line, Writing labels for jam pots brings me out in a cold sweat .

    We were only talking about Picard yesterday, I was thinking of Charlton H as Moses and saying Make it so and the man at the breakfast table, said, ‘actually that was Picard’. He knows his Star Trek but what did Charlton H say that I am thinking of…?

  10. Joanna-
    Perhaps it was “Let my people go!”?
    I’ve made so many decorated cut out cookies over the years that my lettering has had lots of practice,LOL- and a paint brush is so much easier to use than an icing bag and tip!
    I should have fixated on a Star Wars theme and had a vision of Luke Skywalker saying,” these are not the mugs you are looking for.” My sister went out and bought a dozen more for me to paint today.
    They are going into the oven to bake on in 15 minutes.

  11. Celia-
    The sad thing is these mind tricks only work in the movies. I practiced using the Bene Gesserit voice from Frank Herbert’s ‘Dune” on my children. They just thought I had a sore throat. No compliance at all. Sigh- I SHOULD live in a Sci-Fi universe.

  12. I can do a very good impersonation of a Gremlin, when I do it, the dogs run and hide under the table and small children burst into tears…. does that count. (mogwai caca, oh ye–ee-ssss)

  13. LOL- I’m all for scaring children and dogs under tables and into tears!
    It just doesn’t have the same command of the situation that Jedi and Benne Gesserit voices ( and of course, Borg technology) has over others!
    Funny thing- my mother could direct all 7 of her children with what is called “the look” – somehow I missed that gene or talent. My sons torment and tease me when I try to give them the very same look.

  14. Heidiannie….I was making up the bit about children, they usually just look a bit surprised and laugh. I tend to use bribery and enthusiasm as my main dog control tactics. Though I did have a department head who did the look, she used it on ‘naughty’ students and I would wither in the slipstream even though it wasn’t directed at me.

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