Bread in any shape and size

midsummer 009 Bread and Sauerkraut balls 004Bread at Harish's 014

I really love  eating,making, eating, shaping, eating and baking bread.

I’ve been playing with it for years- making pretzels, braids, wreaths, loaves, bowls, rolls, turkeys, bunnies, bears, cats, turtles, alligators, otters, babies,stars, sunny faces, cottage loaves, batards, baguettes, and today, I made a horse.

A pony, really


July and onward 003

Not really very realistic,  but recognizable.

It’s a Chincoteague pony- they are rounder in the belly and shorter in the leg.

I made him for my grandson, who loves the Chincoteague ponies.

He really looks much better on the other side.

July and onward 009

Don’t you agree?

Anyway- I made 3 kinds of bread today-

July and onward 005

French, in baguettes and an epi loaf.


July and onward 002

Sourdough rye with caraway seeds.

July and onward 008

And whole wheat with sesame – into stars and horses- Bread bears and brownies and Jordan 015

Honey Whole Wheat Bread Gears 002

And Bunnies and bears and loaves.


15 thoughts on “Bread in any shape and size

  1. I’m getting hungry reading your post! Everything looks wonderful. I drove by your road today. Had I known you were baking bread, I would have stopped. My grandson loves horses too and would certainly enjoy the bread pony. My daughter made some horses out of rice krispie treats that she decorated and put on his birthday cake. He loved them!

  2. Sorry we didn’t get to taste your bread this week. Hopefully it will keep so we can have some if you come down next week. Aidan will love devouring the pony.

  3. Heidi, the gluten cloak sounds very interesting – so you basically stretch the outside of the dough into a tight ball a few times over to force it to keep its shape? What hydration dough do you use? I tend to only bake 75% hydration sourdoughs, which are so fluid they tend to lose slashes and definition once they’re baked. Thank you!

  4. I’m in awe too! And am going to dash over to the gluten cloak post as well, Celia said scoot over here. My friend Joe made a lovely tortoise the other day based on the one on le petit boulanger. Do you do the decorative salt dough work as well? I’ve only ever read about that in my bread books. Amazing stuff !

    • One year my sister and I made a whole slew of the salt dough ornaments- it was fun- but I would rather work in edible materials.
      I do a lot of decorated cutouts- I used to do them for a bake shop- but they wanted thousands and I developed carpal tunnel syndrome and had to cut back.
      The breads are more like sculpting- the cookies like painting.

  5. This is honey whole wheat dough- the recipe is either before or after the tutorial on the live journal spot. Sourdough is a little wild to get it to stay within the bounds- but the dough needs to be on the drier side- I add enough flour in the kneading stage so that it isn’t very sticky.
    Yes, I stretch the outside tightly around it – when it starts to show a white edge it is getting too tight.
    I have also used the technique on french bread dough and sweet roll dough- but again , they can’t be too wet/moist/sticky.

  6. My boys used to take them in their lunch to school- sometimes halved with peanut butter and jelly- sometimes just like they were with a dip packed along side. On their birthdays, when we could send it a treat I would make up one for all the kids in their classroom. They loved them. Until their tenth birthdays- then it wasn’t cool anymore.

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