Cake pops- pictures and a recipe?

cakepops, marbled rye and more yum 025 Have I  already done cake pops on here?

If so, sorry, I’m doing a quick version again.

These are supposed to look like daisies on a green background.

I wasn’t working with a good icing tip so they went a little crazy- but OH! are they good!

cakepops, marbled rye and more yum 017 cakepops, marbled rye and more yum 016 cakepops, marbled rye and more yum 013

You bake a cake.  Crumble it up. Add a can of icing and stir it up.  Make the wet mixture you have after it has been all worked together into balls.  Freeze them.

Then dip the balls into chocolate.  You can make a base(like I did here)  or you can use sucker sticks and stick the bottom of the stick in styrofoam to let the pops dry rounded on top.  I used a base of milk chocolate and dipped them into tinted white chocolate.  Then decorate  and eat!

cakepops, marbled rye and more yum 011 cakepops, marbled rye and more yum 022 cakepops, marbled rye and more yum 026

I took some to a knitting class today and the ladies LOVED them.

AND now I’m knitting socks.

cakepops, and knitted socks 003

Knitting socks AND eating cake pops and strawberries, with a cuppa!

cakepops, and knitted socks 001 cakepops, and knitted socks 004

5 thoughts on “Cake pops- pictures and a recipe?

  1. Oh I saw this recipe in a Canadian Family magazine a month or so ago. I wanted to try it, but just haven’t yet. They look fun … and good. 🙂

  2. Martha,
    It turns out to be a lot of work- but you get at least 60 pops and they are really rich and satisfying and they freeze like a dream. I like to use them on a cookie or goody tray to change up the variety. Really, they are like petit fours.
    Try them and post a picture!

  3. mmmmmm. i’ve been seeing these show up in blog-land for a few weeks now–i think i might need to try the cake pops for leah’s birthday in a few weeks. thanks!

  4. Cake pops AND a donut cake? That IS a celebration.
    Are you going to take a picture of the donut cake so those of us who have not yet seen such a concoction can get a view?
    BTW- cake pops are not nearly as messy as regular cake and they have the added bonus of portion control!

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