“Tea for three?” the redhead smirked.

 spring and tulipan 001 Aiden and Allyson and I went to Tulipan and Quail crest last week.

It was grand!

Aiden shared a pot of Rooibus Chai tea.

spring and tulipan 002

He added a LOT of milk to his tea.

( “Hot, Heidi.  Hot tea!”)

spring and tulipan 004 spring and tulipan 005

We took lots of pictures and ate lunch and shared desserts(3).

Aiden enjoyed looking at them so much I wanted to see how they looked, as well!


spring and tulipan 006 But it was just a picture of me.

Which reminds me- the smirking redhead?

me That’s me, too. 

Frank has been bugging me to get my hair done.  So I finally went today.

I asked for light brown/ash blonde to cover the gray.

I got red.

And I can’t take a good picture of myself – hence the smirk.

I’m going to make some bee sting bars with almonds and honey and white chocolate – maybe tomorrow-  I’ll share the recipe and pictures.

4 thoughts on ““Tea for three?” the redhead smirked.

  1. Hello Heidi, I Think you look beautiful, red hair and all, Loved the pictures of Ally son and Aiden.I’m, happier with it shorter. Not so sure about the cut. Love ya

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