Spring walk with camera.

Now that is to the point.

It was a beautiful day- but I only slept 2 hours last night so I was not motivated at all.  I read, washed dishes, did some research for a presentation I was going to give tonight, put a pork shoulder in the slow cooker ( after I rubbed in Hawaiian red salt and 3/4 tsp of smoke flavoring), was preparing the food for the presentation when I got a call cancelling until next week and then and only then, did I hear the quiet call to go out for a walk. 

Sometimes, I am deaf and, well, dumb.  Not mute – just DUMB.

So I grabbed my camera and walked around the yard, camera  in one hand, a growing pile of twigs in the other.  I ended up with quite a bundle of twigs and some very nice pictures of the flowers around my yard.

spring and tulipan 007spring and tulipan 008

Ladies mantle and cowslips from beside the brick walk up front.

spring and tulipan 009 spring and tulipan 010

Virginia bluebells and crabapple buds from the fairy garden in back.

 spring and tulipan 011 spring and tulipan 012

Flowering quince from the back fence.

spring and tulipan 013 spring and tulipan 014

Celandine and Sweet Woodruff from the bed next to the garage.

spring and tulipan 015 spring and tulipan 016

Irish moss and violets from my moss and fern garden on the north side of the house.

spring and tulipan 017 spring and tulipan 018

Red tulips and a Chinese cherry bush ready to burst into tiny starlike flowers.

Why did I wait so long to go out? 

My spirit is replete with this beauty.

My senses are reeling with the scent and delicate detail and depth of color.

I am so happy to see these friends of mine that come back so faithfully every year- and I am thrilled that the Irish moss survived the NE Ohio winter!

I should do this more often!

What is growing in your yard?

7 thoughts on “Spring walk with camera.

  1. Lovely images, Heidiannie! Spring is such a splendid time of year. I, too, have been enjoying this spring in particular.
    I know it’s egocentric, but I feel like it has been such a rough winter that God made certain my spring would be beautiful. He reminds me that life is beautiful, worth living, worth celebrating. 🙂
    Happy spring, my friend.

  2. Your flowers are beautiful. Mine aren’t even close. It’s better if I enjoy Spring from inside. Happy your walk about was able to lift your spirits. Love

  3. This spring has been very lovely and I have been thanking God for that! I love your photos. I particularly enjoyed the flowering quince. Thanks.

  4. So beautiful! I would love to show you my pics, but I still can’t upload. So I’ll tell you: I have about 6 varieties of daffodils, all blooming at different times, different colors, different shapes. I have bleeding hearts and something I can’t remember the name of, but it’s fuschia. All the trees are blooming–driving up our street, the trees look like huge sticks of cotton candy.

    Also, the grass is growing… 🙂

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