-an + -en= Aidan’s galore!

 Aidan en and yummies! 002 Aidan en and yummies! 031

And for some reason- we always seem to be eating!

-En is enjoying a dish of ice cream and -An is finishing off  his blueberry pancakes- YUMMY!

Yesterday, we made soft multigrain pretzels- Aidan helped me shape them and then he very graciously helped in the eating of them!


 Aidan en and yummies! 025 Aidan en and yummies! 026

They looked and smelled wonderful…


Aidan en and yummies! 024

And they tasted even better!  I got the recipes from a suggestion of another friend’s blog.  Jill mentioned them and we decided to make them -here’s the link to the recipe– it says it makes 12 but we only got 9.  And they disappeared to quickly it seems like we only got 5.

This morning we had blueberry pancakes-

Aidan en and yummies! 029

made with the berries Luke and Willow picked last July.

Aidan en and yummies! 028

“What’s this?  Oh, a bloooberry!”

Aidan en and yummies! 030

He ate his two pancakes- and part of Gramma and Gramps pancakes as well!

Aidan en and yummies! 027 Aidan en and yummies! 018

We’ve been kept busy with lots of fun things to do!

Lots of fun!

Lots and lots of fun!

Gotta go- much fun on the horizon!

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  1. I love the pictures of the young males in your life. I’m they all have kept ;you busy.Thank you for sharing them with me.

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