Arthur Wood- a gifted teapot

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I moaned and complained a little about breaking a teapot on this post, (ok, I complained a LOT!) and I got a reward!

Cynthia is like my fairy godmother when it comes to teapots!  She went out and found me another pot!

And not just ANY pot either.  This one has a mark and a history and a former address.

bread and frames 015 It is hard to see the mark but it is definitely there and it tells much about the life and times of this lovely pot.  It was made sometime around 1954 , in Staffordshire, in the west midlands of England, on the Stoke -on – Kent.  This pottery is located in the same area as the more famous shops of  Wedgewood, Spode, and Royal Daulton.  It was started by Arthur Wood and his son Enoch in 1860 and continued to make teapots and piggy banks until the 1980’s  when it was sold out to a larger concern.

chips and pots 006

I love it!  I like to think that it was made in 1954 and that we have both weathered the years, pretty much intact.  Both the pot and I are modest and unassuming in appearance but we still manage to do the jobs for which we were made .

I like that it bears its makers mark and brings admiration and value back because of its form and service.  I pray that the same thing can be said of me.

9 thoughts on “Arthur Wood- a gifted teapot

  1. It is the same pot- mine isn’t large- it may hold about 5 cups. I have been using it for morning tea and find it very pleasant.
    Glad to hear you are feeling better, Kim!
    I was sick for 2 1/2 months and just couldn’t seem to fell WELL! It truly is something to be thankful for!

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