Blurry pictures and Fuzzy head

Wreaths and smiles and hats! 003

Here is a picture of my paperwhites- blooming faithfully away!

It’s blurry.

My life feels blurry right now.  Too much to do- not enough time-

and I’m sick and tired. 

I’ve been trying to keep up with it all, but honestly, I don’t think I’m even in the race anymore.  Cynthia and I made cookies and Quiche this week-  we made the quiches today- 8 of them for Christmas giving.  For enjoying on Christmas morning. 

Fuzzy headed people with earaches and bad headaches should find a warm corner to sit in and drink tea.  Yesterday I went to Allyson’s and did just that.  And watched “The Bishop’s Wife” and played with Aiden . 

I am going to look for a warm corner and drink some chamomile tea, now.

But first,  look at the cute slippers I made for Aidan!

Wreaths and smiles and hats! 075 I put octopi on the top instead of pom-poms!  They make me smile when I look at them- but I’m thinking he will probably pull them off of the slippers, forthwith.

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