Thankfulness NEVER ends

Thanksgiving in America is a holiday.

People think of family and food.

They count their simple blessings.

And some call it “Turkey Day”.

The giving of thanks and the habit of thankfulness, however, is a choice and a privilege that  is given us by our bountiful God, the giver of all good things.

I am full of thanks that God honors and chooses relationship with people.

With His people.

With me.

To be a part of the family of God, through the brotherhood of saints, bequeathed to us through Jesus Christ our Lord is a gift beyond all measure.

And so thanksgiving is not over.


Speaking of family and gifts- I just wanted to share a picture of the youngest member of our family and mention that he is definitely in the category of the gifted.

Aidan at Thanksgiving 021

Aidan at Thanksgiving 022 Aidan at Thanksgiving 023 Aidan at Thanksgiving 024

Guess who likes to shovel off the driveway?

Aidan at Thanksgiving 020 Or should I say, sweep off the snow?

4 thoughts on “Thankfulness NEVER ends

  1. What a cute little worker! Yes, he is too cute for that hat (which Willow made). He calls it “two” because of the two tassels. Mom, I like your interpretation that he is really saying “tuke” Canadian for hat.

  2. If he keeps working like that, it will become his permanant job. Good for you to get him to enjoy this early. 🙂 He’s so cute!

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