Mission Accomplished!!!!

Cropper St. Chincoteague 027


All this back and forth to Chincoteague has been about business.

Meredith’s business that I have been commissioned to do for her.

Meredith’s business that has culminated in the purchase of this home.

In Chincoteague, Virginia.

I would not travel down there in the midst of TWO Nor’easters on vacation.

Not for two days to stay and two days to travel for 10 hours.

THAT is NOT a vacation by anyone’s standards.

But we did it. 

It is a beautiful home.

Meredith is looking forward to buying some kayaks and spending some quality time here.  I am looking into some plans for running some workshops for bread baking and cooking classes (plus faux finishing classes) combined with a chance to do some bird and pony watching at Assateague for the off season. 

There will be more information here in the future- and Chad is going to be setting up a website for the house where you can get more info- but that is all down the road.  For right now, the house needs some small repairs and cleaning and painting- and that is what we will be doing this winter.

Right now, I am just rejoicing that the negotiations are finally over.

This has been going on since May, and finally we are in the house.

I am thankful for God’s traveling mercies.

I am thankful for the possibilities of the future that this opens up.

I am thankful for the many times of family fun and fellowship that we can look forward to in this beautiful home.

AND – I am so thankful to be home.  In my home.  In Ohio.


4 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished!!!!

  1. I’m so thankful to hear you are home safely. I had been wondering. Not just about your safety, but about why you would be going again. The mystery is solved. So glad you could do this for Meredith. I’m sure there are many more posts to follow on this home.

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