Just plain thankful

I’m not here, I’m on the road somewhere between Ohio and Virginia.

Allyson and I are driving down to Chincoteague-

Where they are talking about another Nor’easter!

Hah!  I get to say it again!

I’m hoping it won’t rain the entire time we are there-

I’d love to spend some time on Assateague  at the beach walking in the sand.

But that isn’t going to happen if a nor’easter is hanging about pelting us  with rain.

Anyway- I’m thankful for car trips with people I love.

And new adventures.

And happy endings.

And jobs well done.

I’m thankful for an understanding husband,

and a sister that supports me in whatever venture I find myself.

And to God who is forever faithful.


3 thoughts on “Just plain thankful

  1. Both of you are in my prayers. I will pray that you have some nice weather. The two of you are very special to me. God bless.

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