In My Kitchen- September 2013

I am not presently in my kitchen-

I’m in Virginia at my niece’s kitchen- but I am

prepared with some pictures from home and adding

some pictures from here.

Here goes- if you’d like to join us- go to Celia’s blog-

Fig jam and Lime cordial  and check out all of the posts!

In my kitchen…


is my favorite cookie jar- I filled it with cookies before I

left for Frank’s lunch desserts.

I love this jar because it has been loved for a long time.

It is old and the lid broke, but someone fixed another one

to fit.


And then they added a cork handle and painted it to match the

roses.  I get good vibes from this jar- it makes me happy!

In my kitchen…


rice pudding!  Another old thing that makes me happy.

My brother, Bruce used to make a 9×13 pan of this when

I was a young girl and if I was lucky and he wasn’t too hungry

he’d share some.  I think this is one of my most favorite comfort


In my kitchen…


canary melon- from one of the shops in town.


Tastes like a honeydew- and delicious with fresh figs!

In my kitchen…


fresh figs.

In my kitchen…


grilled chicken from the farmer’s market- slow grilled after

we rubbed it with spices and herbs and let it marinate for hours.

In my kitchen…    


lavender cookies.

In my kitchen…


Thing one and…



BREAD!!! Yes- I travel with my sourdough!

In my kitchen…


Fresh local butter.


That is it for this month- thanks for stopping by!

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21 thoughts on “In My Kitchen- September 2013

  1. Heidi, I love your cookie jar and all the history associated with it, but even more, I love that you filled it for Frank before you left! I think you’re the best wife in the whole world! The figs look divine, and I how wonderful to have access to fresh local butter like that! Hope you’re having a wonderful time in Virginia! xx

    • Thanks, Celia- I just hope he remembered the cookies! I make meals, sweets and cookies and come home to find he forgot to eat them.
      We are having a great time- it is wonderful to spend time with Meredith!!!

    • My husband says my niece is lucky to have her own personal cook. I tell him that he has the same privilege but he scoffs at that idea. I take my sourdough along because I can’t stand store- bought bread.

  2. Heidi your cookie jar reminds me of one I have that’s similar…well sort of. It’s completely useless as a biscuit holder but my mum always had it so I have a some deep seated emotional attachment to it, and couldn’t bear to get rid of it….cracks and all. I’ll have to do a post and show you.
    Enjoy your time in Virginia. xx

    • Thanks, Kim, it is hard to decide where to be sometimes!
      If my husband could come down with me I’d be perfectly happy to stay in Virginia- but he can’t be away from his business that long.
      Thanks for visiting!

    • Hi Fiona-
      I am usually welcomed with open arms- because I do tend to bake bread wherever I go. I was visiting my brother in Oregon a couple of years ago- and made bread and pizza in his home. He said I can come back anytime!

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