Remembering Robin’s Gardens- April musings and memories.

Robin's Garden.jpg.jpeg

Here are some of the pictures of my sister Robin’s gardens.

Robin's Garden

The church gate and the fenced area around the pool.

Robin's Garden.jpg

Lilies and columbines by the fence.

Sorry I’m not very good at scanning- but she was an artist with flowers.

6 thoughts on “Remembering Robin’s Gardens- April musings and memories.

  1. Thank you for these beautiful pictures Heidi – they are exquisite – I grew that red lily for the first time last year and the lily beetles thought it was the best thing ever, but it is so beautiful with its curving petals. I will remember your sister when I see it come up in the garden again xx Joanna

    • I have no idea what these gardens look like now- the gardens take up a lot of time, energy and love. The lilies were usually planted in the pond gardens, and they would get several different varieties every year.
      This one, however, caught her fancy and she put it in a place of prominence- they didn’t have too many problems with bugs on the lilies, but Japanese beetles were a terror on the roses!
      Thanks for sharing in the memories- she would have been pleased to be remembered by gardeners.

  2. Thank you for suggesting this, Brydie.
    Robin’s gardens were so packed full of plants- vegetables, roses, feverfew, foxglove, bee balm, gaillardia, poppies, lilies, primrose, hydrangeas, shasta daisies, columbines,
    lavender, dye marguerite, liatrus, ostrich ferns, water lilies and Oh so many more.
    In spring there were literally thousands of daffodils and narcissus- so many varieties and colors. Just thinking about them makes me smile and rub my back- it was a lot of work- acres of gardens- in the woods, around the swimming pool, next to reflecting pools, and fruit trees – cherry, peach apple, plum- with blueberry bushes and strawberry patches- it was a veritable paradise!

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