December …by the Atlantic.


The road out to Assateague was recently repaired!


The beach still needs some work- there are huge pieces of the asphalt on the beach.


The wind was blowing sand into our faces- Luke was brave to smile!


Both of my sons- brave and handsome- and dear to my heart!


And my beautiful daughter in law, Willow- have I mentioned it was VERY COLD?


The sky was gorgeous!


I’m so happy to see the beach again. 

Even in the wicked cold.

And the crazy strong wind.

8 thoughts on “December …by the Atlantic.

  1. Everyone looks cold, but happy. The beach looks like it holds promise for the summer. I like the pictures, but don’t see the boys.

    • That was the coldest day that we’ve been here! Why do I always manage to be at the beach when the ferocious winds are blowing?
      Happy New Year to you, Celia! Glad to hear your Christmas was filled with family and fun!

    • Why,thank you, ma’am- I think so,too!
      It is amazing how they look like men and yet I still see young boys in their faces. I love my men- but like the poet said, ‘the child is father to the man.” I look into my grandchildren’s faces and see the men they will become. I don’t seem to be able to stay within my own timeline.

  2. Hi Brydie!
    I love the beach at every time of the year!
    It is so invigorating in the winter and rather wild- yes it does make you feel very alive and a little vulnerable.
    I am warmed by your beach pictures- hope you feel cool looking at mine- In fact- you are a big part of why I posted them!

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