Thought I’d share a little of the snow that we accumulated yesterday and overnight!



For all of those who live in warmer climates- here is some holiday snow!


And some Macadamia thumbprints with dark chocolate and sea salt caramel! 

I’ll try to write up the recipe later.  Delicious!

10 thoughts on “SNOW

  1. Goodness me – I would love to trade you a little of our rain for some pretty snow. I am just on my way to bed and it is howling out there again. Those thumbprints look like just the thing to put on a tray with a good hot drink and wander off to the sofa with….
    ..but instead I had better head to bed as it is after midnight here x Joanna

    • I’m just hoping the snow doesn’t inhibit our drive through the mountains of Pennsylvania and Maryland. Sometime the mountain passes can be frightening and frozen!
      At least the wind quit howling here and the skies are supposed to be cloudy but dry.

  2. Love the pictures! You got more snow than I did, but the grass is white. Those are great thumb prints. We will enjoy ours on Christmas Eve. I’m praying the roads are clear and safe as you and Frank start on your travels tomorrow.

    • No snow down here! It isn’t in the 90’s like Meredith, but it stayed 45 and above! The house was plenty warm and I’m just settling in after a wonderful shower- my bed is made- and I’m going to finish up wrapping some gifts!

    • Crikey would love the snow! He could run about and roll in it and snuffle it up and play and play! I feel real sorry for you in those hot temps- no sarcasm here- I REALLY feel sorry for you in the heat!

    • Thanks for the reminder, Martha.
      I will post the recipe when I get home- I used a thumbprint recipe for the base and then changed it up for the ingredients I had on hand.
      I changed half of the flour for potato starch- which made the cookie lighter and crunchier- and used macadamia nuts instead of walnuts. I left the recipe at home, though so I don’t have the measurements right in front of me.

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