Bacon and fried green tomato sandwich!


This is the epitome of Summertime deliciousness.

OK- maybe that is overstating it a bit- but really- THIS sandwich was perhaps the very best thing I’ve eaten

this summer.  Good thick smoky bacon from the local butcher shop- freshly fried green tomatoes and red leaf

lettuce straight from the garden between two slices of home made sourdough bread.

Fried green tomatoes are one of my all time favorite summer treats.

And I fried these up in the bacon fat after I fried the bacon.



You slice up a green tomato, dunk it into egg white, then into 1/2 cup S/R flour mixed 1/2 cup cornflour.

Fry it up in an inch of oil or bacon fat until browned on both sides – drain on paper towels.  And add to

your bacon sandwich instead of a red tomato.


8 thoughts on “Bacon and fried green tomato sandwich!

    • Seriously, make this sandwich.
      It was so very good. This is the first time I’ve combined the two -bacon and fried green tomato- but I don’t think I will ever really want a ripe tomato on my BLT again.

  1. Thanks Cynthia-
    I was just telling Jordan that I would love one of those sandwiches once a week- and he laughed and said it would go well with all the chicken I love to eat. 🙂

  2. Oh, when I saw your picture earlier today, I thought it was zucchini!! I got on here just now to see what you used for your coating, and now I see it’s a tomato! Yummy! Well, I’m not doing tomatoes tonight, but I think I’ll still use your coating for the zucchini. 🙂

  3. The coating will work on any veggie, Martha! It is hard to sacrifice a ripe tomato to come for fried green tomatoes today- but so very good – so very very good.
    Tonight I’m making stuffed cabbage- I got a beautiful cabbage at the farmer’s market and couldn’t bring myself to chop up those lovely leaves!

  4. Heidi, I have never tried green tomatoes! I will have to make a point to do so, especially if this is the best thing you’ve eaten all summer!

  5. I don’t know if they eat them anywhere else, Celia, but here in the US- especially in the South- fried green tomatoes are a summertime delicacy. When I was a little girl , my big brother used to make them for us- it is a sweet/sour flavor with a wonderful crunch that gives way to a smooth soft inside. Really it is kind of a grown up thing- like rhubarb- but I’ve always loved rhubarb and fried green tomatoes. 🙂

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