Happy Holidays


from my family to yours!

We really did have a wonderful time here on Chincoteague Island this year!


Santa and his helper Elf passed out the gifts…

071Meredith got a sword from our Whole family,(Allyson and Chad and Chad Tyulty  as well)

She is a Lieutenant Commander and needs a sword for ceremonial purposes.

084Willow had to check it out- it is pretty heavy!

147The boys liked the toys.

242And everyone loves the Island.


294from the light house…


…to the park.


We felted soap-

347and loved the results!


And now, everyone has gone their own way- Meredith to Hawaii and then

Australia, Jordan to Akron, Luke, Willow and the boys are leaving for Long Island

in the morning and Cynthia,Frank and I are spending the next two days cleaning

and winterizing the house before we leave.

The gifts we gave and received do not compare to the joy we shared as family.

I got lots of hugs and kisses from the little boys- and had the privilege of spending

quality time with my children, sister and husband.

11 thoughts on “Happy Holidays

  1. Yay! Looks and sounds like a blast. 🙂

    So glad you guys got to have this family time together. What a cool sword for Meredith!

    Maybe next year we’ll go big and go CHINC-oteague! (must include dramatic pause in that last word)

    • We missed you all, Chad.
      It would be so much fun with all the little boys together for Christmas- it is always great to see them playing!
      Hope your Christmas was filled with all the wonder and joy of the season.

  2. Lovely pictures and story to go along with our time at Meredith’s. I had a great time with everyone here and now it is very quite. The time was just to short. Have a great New Year everyone!

    • Thanks, Celia!
      Everyone went home, and we are disassembling the decorations, washing and storing sheets and towels and eating up the leftovers so we can clean out the fridge and leave on Saturday or Sunday.

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