Wild Life Refuge- Assateague Island, VA







Literally thousands of wild migratory birds were landing and circling the wild life loop the other

night.   The sound of all these wings and calls was eerily out of this world.  I had goosebumps

listening to the numerous flocks of ducks, geese, terns- so very many birds- all in one place.

Just thought you might enjoy seeing them along with us.

Meredith took the pictures from my car window.

8 thoughts on “Wild Life Refuge- Assateague Island, VA

    • Joanna,
      We could hardly believe our eyes (and ears)! They started coming in by the droves and suddenly it was a huge throng of birds all around us! The beating of their wings was palpable in the air around us and it was
      almost overwhelming. I’m so glad we could share it- at least with photographs!

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