I started on the gingerbread house this morning.


I wasn’t very encouraging to start out with- it looked sloppy and rough.


I had intended to add a lot of architectural points-  in fact- I wanted to

add a gable and put the house up several inches off of the base with stairs coming

down and I just ran out of time.


I designed the roof with white chocolate and royal icing.

Then I added the porch and whipped up some more royal icing- and pasted it all

together- covered up the edges with royal icing- and-


added some landscaping.



The end result is not bad. 

The gingerbread competition is tomorrow.

I’ll let you know how that all goes.

10 thoughts on “Done!

  1. It is amazing!! I love the roof and the pillars and the oval window on the door and the swizzle stick trees! I hope you win! But if you don’t, you have a beautiful house that any gingerbread family would be thrilled to live in.

    • Thanks Elizabeth!:)
      I didn’t think I would get it done in time or that it would look acceptable.
      But, for the last minute kind of a put together- it worked out well.
      I don’t need to win. I was just hoping not to be embarrassed.

  2. “The end result is not bad”?? Girlfriend, you are way too tough on yourself, the end result is fantastic! It has pillars and flower boxes and roof tiles – I don’t know how you can be so patient! Could you please give me a one line recipe for royal icing? I’ve never made it before. Is it just egg white beaten with icing sugar? Thanks.. xx

  3. Now I know not to ever enter a gingerbread competition that you will also be entering! Yikes! I would be the one to be embarrassed! It’s beautiful and it inspires a certain 7 year old boy here to try his hand at one…but that means that his mom has to be involved, too. Sigh. I’m not as creative as you!

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