Well intentioned and admirably used.

Yesterday, that is.

I had ” some essplainin’ to do”  as Ricky Ricarrdo used to say to Lucy on the old “I Love Lucy Show”.

Frank doesn’t really get the concept of spontaneous celebrating.

His idea of fun is something planned well in advance and budgeted into the family economy.  Time spent traveling to have fun should not exceed 3o minutes- unless we are talking about vacation or family get -togethers.

So, the idea of going down to Circleville yesterday was not met with great joy.

I did some fast talking, some psychological input, some cajolery and added a couple of hugs and kisses, and promised not to spend much money- and he sent us off with a smile.

And today, as I look at the rain coming down, I’m glad that I used my day as I did yesterday.  Because, I came home to dishes, and a quick supper, and very tired legs.  But I brought back the smiles and hugs of a happy little boy, and the conversations with a young woman I love, and the rich and colorful  tactile memories of a harvest festival.

rainy October day 001

And today, the rain is beautiful and seasonal-

rainy October day 002 rainy October day 003

and my view of my world is grey and wet-

rainy October day 005

yet- it seems even better because the beautiful weather we had yesterday

was not squandered sitting here at the computer or cleaning the house-

Pumpkins fesival- Circleville 024

It was admirably used and enjoyed.

Living the moments and enjoying the journeys.

5 thoughts on “Well intentioned and admirably used.

  1. Yesterday was the perfect day to go to Circleville. I glad the three of you went. That is one very good way to wear the little one out.

  2. I miss not seeing the leaves change color and fall off the tree (ok not really the raking of said leaves though). The ocean just doesn’t do that for you. go figure. Glad to hear you had a wonderful time down in Circleville:)

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