Happy Birthday, Luke!

Luke and Kieran

Luke and Kieran


Today is my son, Luke’s birthday.

It is a day to celebrate- a day of joy.

Of course, he has been a reason to celebrate for me

ever since I first saw him !

Luke has taught me so very much-

he taught me how to be a better person.

And he taught me how to become a mother.

He taught me about trust and faithfulness.

He showed me obedience through love.

He has enriched my life with his love and friendship.

And he has brought me, first, his wife and then, his sons to love and enjoy!

Over the last 33 years he has given me so many gifts- from that first smile to today- when he shares

the stories and moments of his life so freely.

So, I wanted to tell him in front of witnesses,

what a blessing he is in my life- and how very much I love him-

and how pleased I am with the decisions he has made in his life.

Happy Birthday, Luke, with all my love.


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