I picked this up from the beach on Long Island Sound.

The rocks are beautiful- the driftwood very pleasing in a tactile way and the

shells are delicate in color and shape.  Treasure indeed!



But look here- the real treasures of my life-




In the beginning and at the end- these are all the

treasure that a real full life can hold.

Iā€™m very wealthy in loved ones!

11 thoughts on “Treasure

  1. Heidi your husband reminds me of my late grandfather. There is something there that makes me hover up and down with the mouse. Last time you posted a picture of him, I couldn’t comment it caught me so off guard.
    They are beautiful treasures.

    • Ah, Brydie-
      I totally know that feeling. Sometimes I find myself in a position where the past is so present and caught up with someone elses image! Vincent Price (the actor who was in so many horror movies?) had a body and face shape that reminded me of my father. My dad died when I was sixteen, and for years (actually I still do) I would watch all these old movies to see just that resemblance. It somehow comforted me- not much- but enough that I kept watching kitschy horror films!
      Family really is a treasure- they hold your heart and hopes and memories- and they have your own best interest in mind- good family, that is- and mine is very loving!

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