This is my son, Luke.

He’s an Episcopalian priest, working in Cold Springs Harbor, NY.

He recently shared this picture with me and it made me smile.

This is what the people called, “The blessing of the Hogs”- I love it.

I love that there is an appropriate blessing for motorcycles.

I love that these people are moved to seek such a blessing.

And I especially love that this is part of my son’s job.

Life is good when your work is doing what you love-

connecting with people and connecting people with God!

And I am so very blessed- that this man is my son.

8 thoughts on “Blessing…

  1. This is a neat picture of Luke in his work clothes. I am proud of how hard he worked to achieve his goal. He is a wonderful man with a lovely family.

    • I know! I saw it and it made my day.
      I just love that this is who Luke is and what he does and that the people who had their bikes blessed sent him the pictures with their heartfelt thanks. I love seeing God at work through His people.
      ( And I’m more than a little pleased with my son!)

    • (Blush!) Your senses are accurate, Brydie. I am quite proud of my children.
      They are the people I like best here- they have more than fulfilled my hopes and expectations- and I love spending time with them. It is a very wonderful part of the story of our lives.

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