Good times!





I’m back and have so many happy memories!

We played and worked and ate and ran and cooked and

talked and shared until we were exhausted!

And I’m still exhausted.

And cooking and playing and working and eating

and sharing.

My question is…

Who is going to do all that laundry stacked up in the basement?

6 thoughts on “Good times!

  1. The pictures bring back good memories. I like the one of Luke the best. Thanks for all of your love and care.

  2. Those were the best crab cakes ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Had a wonderful time hanging out with you. Thanks for a wonderful time.

  3. Thanks- it was fun putting together a collage!
    The crabcakes were the best I’ve ever made/eaten- mainly because the crabs were so fresh!
    And Brydie- there were so many young foals this year- and so many pregnant mares on the beach that I think there were several born within the time we were there.

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