Phone calls that take you back-

 Adam Jr (3) Pauline 1920

Ha –ha!  Not this far back!  My Uncle Adam and my mother in 1920.

Yesterday I got a call asking about my mother’s married status in

1994.  It was for an improperly filled out land deed transaction and

the clerk just wanted to fill in the missing information.

I gave her what she needed and the call was over in just a couple of

minutes.  But I have been skimming around in those years now-

looking at the past.  Rethinking and remembering.

Pauline and Ruthie 1935

Here she is again in 1935- about 17 years old.

My parents anniversary is coming up on May 6th.  When he died,

they had been married for 32 years.   She lived another 34 years as

a widow- not interested in marrying again- she said there was no

one else she could love like she did my father.


Mommy and Daddy.jpeg

And here they are- she is about 32 here- so around-  I don’t know-

my brain isn’t up to math today.

But there they are- in love- facing life and death together.

I miss my parents.

They were brave and beautiful.

They lived through tumultuous times and survived.

They loved and lost and won and gave their children

a firm base to grow upon.

And now I’M Grandma.

Funny- I still feel like a little girl.

7 thoughts on “Phone calls that take you back-

  1. I miss them too! And I never even knew Grandpa! Still, I like the look of him. He looks like everything I already know, like the back of my hand.

  2. I will be revisiting this post often because I very much love the thoughts and I need to spend time on the pictures… thank you!

  3. Thank you! I miss them. There are time when I wish it was possible to talk with them. I miss the sound of their voices.

  4. Thank you all for your kind comments.
    This was a hard post- my father died when I was 16 and it totally changed my life. My mother passed when I was an adult and that loss left me very vulnerable.
    I look back upon those years and am amazed at the courage and stamina my parents showed me.
    And I miss them- the sound of their voices (yes, Cynthia, I would like to talk with them once more, as well. But I will always hear our mother calling my name
    on the answering machine- “Heidi? Heidi- are you there? OK- call me back. This is your mother.”)

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