Birthday and Easter Blessings.







Watching and playing and eating and sharing- LOVING this time of family.

The best thing I heard all weekend was Aidan this afternoon as they left to go home,

ā€œIā€™m really going to miss you, Grandma!ā€

7 thoughts on “Birthday and Easter Blessings.

  1. The pictures are great! You are one very special GRANDMA! All children love you. When you walk into a room what do all of the children shout Heidi. That’s because you are one very special person.

  2. Cynthia, Celia, Chopin-
    Thanks- I love these faces!
    Sometimes I think I need to take in the faces more and ignore the food pics- but then I look at your blog Celia and yours chopinandmysaucepan- and I think FOOD, glorious FOOD!

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