Coffee Grinders- a love story.

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My sons love coffee.

They love the flavor, aroma, history, geography and the effects

of coffee.

I am a tea drinker.  I WAS an exclusive tea drinker.  No Coffee, for me,

thank you very much!

That was until my youngest son started making it and offering it to

me every day.

“Would you like a cup of coffee, Mom?”

“Sit down and have a cup of coffee with me, Mom.”

Seriously- how can a loving mother- offered a chance to sit and talk

over a cup of coffee with her son -refuse?

So I started drinking coffee between my tea times.

Now, I’m addicted- I WANT that cup of coffee every day.

And I , too , love the romance of coffee.  It is exotic- grown in climates so

unlike my own, gathered mostly by hand, dried and packaged and sent

off to be roasted to perfection and then shipped to us- bursting with flavor and

a fragrance that is so rich and hearty that is almost enough just to smell it!

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But I digress- this is a story of brother’s love.


These brothers.

For Christmas this year, they wanted to get the other something he

would love.  Something special.  Something important.

Something that he could REALLY use.

And so – they chose something that was just what they would have wanted

for themselves.    An automatic burr coffee grinder.

Not knowing that his brother was choosing exactly the same gift for him,

they purchased and admired and wrapped their gifts- I think regretting that

they couldn’t give it a try first.  On Christmas morning, they exchanged their

gifts- and although they were different models and makes- they were so

pleased to give AND receive a burr coffee grinder for Christmas.

OK- it’s not exactly O. Henry’s , Gift of the Magi’s, but it is such a sweet

gift exchange that I had to share it.

  • Please forgive me, Jordan.
  • Luke, I know you understand.


The first grinding was pretty impressive!

12 thoughts on “Coffee Grinders- a love story.

  1. This is an awesome story with awesome pictures. And there is *nothing* like freshly ground coffee, as both Jordan and Luke are well aware… 🙂

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  3. They do think alike, often, Brydie!
    And they both like to tease their mother!
    But they are also quite lovable!
    Thank you all- it was my pleasure. I have been treasuring this in my heart for quite a while. You see, they had both told me what they were buying for their brother and I got to be a silent partner to this since before Christmas. I can hardly believe I kept the secret!

  4. Thank you for your visit! I would have missed your candid story. I am now convinced that coffee is not just a drink but a social event. That’s why they say; Let’s meet over a cup of coffee.
    Just wish I was like that with my brother! Cheers!

  5. Long live coffee and its power to manifest love.

    *Thankful Coffee*

    A few drips
    Amazing what they do
    Mixing with water
    Something to brew
    Bitter like life
    Warmed with compassion
    Best mixed with friendship
    And simple conversation

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