Looking into the face of WINTER-


Looking out my kitchen window,

the view is rather drear.

The sparkle of my bottles and glasses and lavender

helps make the scene cozier and dear.

But , no. 

Winter has more than one expression


Soft snow has melted into any icier declension.

013There is ice caked on my sidewalk.


Ice is coating all the trees.


Ice is running down the windows.



And has covered all the streets.

So I sit inside my ice cube-


Slippered  feet up, cheerful fire crackling on the grate,

and sip chai tea and nibble on cookies-


The world is frozen-

chores can wait.

8 thoughts on “Looking into the face of WINTER-

  1. I’m not going anywhere until tomorrow, Celia!
    The temps are all over the place- and so is the snow and ice!
    Brydie said she was sweltering so I told her I’d post some mid winter pictures!
    I saw a cyclone was hovering near New Queensland- the weather is off kilter, for sure!

  2. This has been quite a storm! Are you able to get out? My drive is like a skating rink and the road is worse. Did your power go out? Not sure if I will be able to get out tomorrow.

  3. Heidi your world is frozen! While Celia and I swelter this week, your frozen world looks positively beautiful. It’s the kind of snow and ice that I never really get to see, so it’s so novel. I think I would be out there like a puppy running through the snow and sliding on the ice 🙂

  4. Ah Brydie- I wrote this post for you!
    I love the seasons – ALL of them. There is a serene and austere beauty in winter here. It is shrouded in white and the hush of snow softly falling. The novelty is here for us, as well, it is just by February, we are longing for a few days of relative warmth and a sight of the ground without its snowy cover.
    Soon- in a couple of months we will enter into spring- and that is not a season to be missed. It is so fresh and new- I watch every nascent bud and leaf. And it comes in tentatively, so there is a hush at the beginning, like the first moments of a performance before the curtains are raised- the anticipation and expectations are palpable in the very air in the springtime.
    Then Summer comes on stage- the STAR of the show.
    Her appearance is so welcomed that she is nonchalant to our approval- sweeping out into the applause and joining in the celebration of warmth and plenty! Even at the apex of Summer, when it is hot and wearing thin- no one wishes the heat away!
    But before we know it Autumn appears and brings in a time of bright colors and crackling leaves underfoot. The evenings are a blessing and the harvest is plentiful and we all rejoice at another year of bounty.
    So- this turned into a small essay- but – I love all the faces of my place in this world. 🙂

  5. Beautiful.
    It sounds like you really do love every moment of the different seasons. I think I would like to live somewhere where the seasons were so distinctive. Autumn is my favourite time of year. The shift in the air is energizing.
    Today it’s 40C or 104F (thanks to trusty google I could check these conversions) Ice blocks were being eaten by 9am by The Monkeys (popsicles ?) followed by ‘swimming’ in the bath.

  6. I love this little poem! We didn’t get the ice that you got, but we had plenty of cold!!! Today it was -21C and who knows what with the wind chill factored in. It’s COLD!!!

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