DSC01418 I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time.

Since summer’s end, actually.

But things went awry.

I made plans, started working on projects- but some major parts of them didn’t come to fruition- so I started thinking up new plans.

And then I started working on some gift exchanges and that brought me back to the earlier idea of giving away a gift from Steps on the Journey.

I wanted to make note cards- but it just didn’t come together.

So- I have a pumpkin tea cozy- and some Santa cinnamon stirring sticks that I made to give away to one of you, my friends and family in the blogging universe.

Leave a comment, or a verse, or a seasonal wish between now and next Thursday ( when I will be in Chincoteague!) – and I will send you a happy little knitted pumpkin cozy for your teapot and a cup cozy to match.  I may even throw in some homemade chai tea mix- and cinnamon stir sticks.

I’d love to hear from you!


I may not be able to get it to you before Christmas- but it will be nice in the new year, as well.  🙂

10 thoughts on “Gift-away-

  1. Here’s a verse I’ve been thinking about all day (from our CBS lesson on Isaac and his similar humility with Jesus). In John 18:11, Jesus says, “Shall I not drink from the cup the Father has given me?”

    What an example of Christ’s love for and submission to his father. How it challenges me!

  2. what a cool thing you are doing
    christmas is such a blessed time
    i try and give strangers a smile
    lonley people a hello
    and things to family services to give to the poor
    have a beautiful christmas

  3. Heidi, my Christmas wish for you is to have a happy and loving Christmas! I’m thankful you’re my sister twice over. Praise the Lord. I love you !

  4. Elizabeth- Thank you for the thought and the verse- it challenges me, too!
    Patty- sometimes a smile is the only gift a person will accept- in giving we become part of God’s gift to mankind.
    Cynthia-me, too! All of it. truly.

  5. I”m finally catching up on blog reading after returning from Brazil. It didn’t feel like Christmas down there with the heat and sunshine. Returning home to all this snow makes it seem more like the season. But regardless of the weather, the true meaning of Christmas is that God saw my need of a Savior and provided through His own Son. How blessed are we whom God doth love!

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