Post Thanksgiving post…

Kieran_Aidan_LW 044

Here we are.

Kieran_Aidan_LW 005

Still happy and smiling.

Kieran_Aidan_LW 028

We’ve been holding babies-

Kieran_Aidan_LW 035

telling stories and sharing a feast-

Kieran_Aidan_LW 033

reading and watching football together-

Kieran_Aidan_LW 021

And, of course-

Kieran_Aidan_LW 022


Kieran_Aidan_LW 023 


I love holidays!



just added this last picture because I loved what Jordan did to decorate his cookie!  He made a St. Patrick cookie- and then- He ate it!

Cookie art is not the saving kind, but the savoring kind!

9 thoughts on “Post Thanksgiving post…

  1. and here is me always thinking of you with that hat on! Just goes to show. You all look so lovely and that cookie is just the business, isn’t it? Wonderful pictures !

    • Joanna-
      I very rarely wear hats- but when I do- those pictures always seem to be the ones on my profiles.
      the cookies were a great hit! They took home several dozen to give out to the children in the nursery class at church.
      I was telling the children the stories of Red Riding Hood and the Three little pigs from the Big bad Wolf’s point of view and we ended up the meal singing-
      “Who’s afraid of the Big bad Wolf” as a family. I hope I didn’t start a new tradition!

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