making lists- checking twice

I am checking my lists-

not to0 sure about progress, though!

I have somehow managed to sprain my right wrist.

It has been aching from arthritis- but this is more than that.

Washing dishes is hard.

Just using my right hand hurts tonight.

Typing is hard.

I’m going to bed- and rest my wrist.

Maybe it will be better tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “making lists- checking twice

  1. So sorry, Heidi. I, too, have arthritis in my wrist and thumb (and a couple of knuckles, but who’s counting?) so I greatly sympathize with you.

    Do you have an immobilizer? If not, you can get one at Walgreens. It has a bar in it that totally immobilizes your wrist and even if you just wear it to bed at night and in the evenings when you’re done doing dishes and wiping counters, it will give your wrist a rest.

    I have other tricks for soothing the pain if you’re interested.

  2. Thanks, Kim,
    I am wearing an immobilizer. It helps to keep from further strain. I don’t know how I injured it in the first place. I wasn’t doing anything too stressful- knitting and some crafting- but it started to hurt and then swell- so I must have just turned it and put pressure without knowing it.
    I’ve iced it and rested it and gone from heat to cold- it sure slows me down for getting ANYTHING done! I’m wondering how I can knead bread with just my left hand?!

  3. Could be tenosynovitis. I’ve had it and it’s very debilitating. Resting it is essential. NSAID’s do help with swelling and pain but resting the joint is the only way to get relief.

    I often have pain in my thumb joint and wrist after a day of calligraphy and what really soothes the joint and gives me more range of motion is this: tuck one of those hand warmers that hunters put in their gloves in your immobilizer and leave it there for 8 hours. I do it after the kitchen is cleaned up after supper and then just wear it until morning. With NSAID’s (naproxin works best for me) the swelling and pain are significantly reduced by morning.

  4. Did the ice help with the swelling? Did you take an aspirin? Now just let it rest. Get some store bought bread. It will heal faster if you give it the time it needs to heal. would you like me to come over to help. Praying for you! Love you !

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