telling the stories

I forgot my cord for uploading pictures onto the computer.

I keep forgetting to take pictures, anyway.

We gave Kieran his first bath today. 

We went to Whole Foods to do some shopping.

And we went to Aidan’s music class and danced and sang and beat rhythm sticks on the floor and laughed and laughed!

I’m having a wonderful time playing with Willow and the grandchildren.

And I realized tonight as I was telling Aidan my version of “The Elephant’s Child”, that we depend too much on pictures today.

His eyes got so big when I told him about the many spankings the poor Elephant’s child got for asking his questions.  He giggled when I told him about the child pulling bananas from the trees as he walked down to the river- and when I told about him creeping up – closer and closer to the “greasy grey-green Limpopo River” to ask the crocodiles what they like to eat- Aidan clapped his hands in anticipation.  If you have never read this story by Rudyard Kipling, I don’t want to ruin the surprise for you- and if you have then you know what the crocodile’s answer was!

I told the story from memory- I missed some parts and embellished others, but it is a masterful story from a masterful writer and it held his attention better than any of the books I have read him lately.

So- no pictures, today- I’ll just tell you the storiess.

How Aidan covered my left arm with stickers until I looked diseased.

How Kieran  has the sweetest little bow of a mouth that he opens and shuts like a little birdie.  When I hold him, I aim him away from my chest- no milk there, little one!

About the marvelous meals Willow makes- Roasted chicken with za`tar and green olives and escalloped potatoes  – Baked eggplant and pasta with garlic and tomato sauce-apple and carrot bread- I could go on and on!

The sweetness of Aidan’s face when he saw my Hawaii’an print shirt and told me I was beautiful with those big blue and white flowers.

The lovely bells ringing in the hours from the towers of Trinity Seminary- just across the street.

The happiness that surrounds Aidan when he sees that I am here, still, in the morning as promised.

If you need a picture- look at the one of me next to the header- smiling.

Because that’s what I’m doing.


7 thoughts on “telling the stories

  1. Smiling here too! What joy dear Heidi! Those babies sound glorious and good food and love…

    I love those Rudyard Kipling tales, Rikki TIkki Tavi and is The elephants dance in there too? My copy had some extraordinary line drawings, few and far between, and all the more precious for being sparse.

  2. I just had a little look and the stories I mention must be from the Jungle Book or the Second Jungle book. The Just So stories are different aren’t they? and those drawings I remember are woodcuts by Kipling or so Wiki says. Too much information is another problem these days 🙂

  3. The Just So stories are my favorite Kipling tales- especially Elephants Child and How the Camel got it’s Hump. They are redolent with love and times gone far away, when we didn’t know everything and could guess and make believe at the “how” of things.
    I love rikki tikki tavi, as well- much more than ANY Disney retelling of tales.

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