My Pocketbook

quince and pocketbook treasures 001

That’s what my mother always called it.

I call it a purse or in this case, a bag.

I think it’s supposed to be a designer- but I don’t know enough about designers to have recognized it and I threw away the tag. 

Cynthia bought it for me at a consignment shop- and I really like it.

Designer or not- it is big and roomy with lots of pockets (hence the title)- and it is real leather and smells like an expensive bag (at least it did when I could smell- now with this cold I cannot smell anything!).

Aidan likes it, too.  He was rummaging around when I was at their house and kept making “hmm!” sounds.  Like as if he was finding treasure.

Which brings me back to the picture above.

quince and pocketbook treasures 002

my pocketbook treasures.

A small whistle from the fair, a booklight, and my traveling measuring spoons.

These are so handy- they go into my purse every time I change it up.

They are good to have in a pinch, can attract attention if I’m in a jam- AND- they are great for distracting small children during long church services.  (except the whistle- I wouldn’t use that during a long church service.  Although it might be interesting to see if it would – NO- I WOULDN’T use that during church services, at all.)

Do you have pocketbook treasures?

Are they shiny and useful and noisy?

Just wondering.

6 thoughts on “My Pocketbook

  1. I don’t think I have anything in my bag that’s shiny and noisy. I do have a toy car though. An emergency toy to sidetrack a monkey or two. Always carry around a notebook and pens as well. I’m always jotting a comment, thought, story down- I’d be lost with out that!
    I love that you carry measuring spoons around 🙂

  2. Haha! I also have a car or two and a notebook- they do come in handy for distracting and jotting.
    My measuring spoons came from a cookstore in Hawaii- and I have been carrying them around for he past two years. They also come in handy!

  3. Being English we call them handbags (think Oscar Wilde) or shoulderbags. Or for men “manbags” heehee!

    Mine are always stuffed with biodegradable doggy bags, a crumbling dog treat or two, glasses cases with no glasses in them usually. I have an ‘ameribag’ with loads of pockets and zippy bits to lose things in and some magic new jeans with pockets that even take tennis balls. I look very strange when I walk the dogs, festooned with leads and bulging pockets, a frisbee and a ball thrower too!

  4. Joanna- thinking of Oscar Wilde makes me feel rather winsome. “Nothing succeeds like excess.”
    Handbags- are tjey meant to carry treasures or necessities? Or in your case, doggie necessities?

    Mine keep getting bigger- I need to carry knitting and books and water and toys, brushes and a lipstick and treasures!
    Unfortunately they keep getting heavier, as well!

  5. Heidi, I love this post! Over the years I’ve pared down what I keep in my bag – I do have a handbag dooveylackey which lets me suspend my bag off the table when I’m at a restaurant. I also keep eyedrops, an epipen for my allergic Small Man, and mini bags for shopping!

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