A Basket of Bread bears…(subtitled Lord of the bears)

Halloween bread bears 008 

In my family, we sing the children to sleep.  There is a bathtime ritual, a couple of books read, prayers said, and then- songtime.

It can last a long time.  But it is comforting and quieting and bonding time and well worth spending.  My oldest son, Luke, has been singing my grandson to sleep with simple little tunes – and recently he heard Aidan singing one of them to his stuffed bear as they danced in a circle, bear swinging wildly-

“I am the Lord of the bear, bear, bear!”( to the tune of “Lord of the Dance”)

Today I am the Lord of the bread bears!

I made whole wheat bears, I made Italian bears, and I made spelt flour and oat bran sourdough bears!  And they all kept their shapes and minded their manners whilst in the oven- coming out pretty much still in the same shape they entered.

Here is a whole grouping of photos- bears in and out of disguise- all to please your fancy on this Monday before Halloween!

Halloween bread bears 003 -bears in the basket awaiting costuming.

Halloween bread bears 004 -whole wheat bears, masked and ready.

Halloween bread bears 005


Halloween bread bears 007 -bears with little brothers!

Halloween bread bears 011 Italian Bear and spelt and oat bran sourdough bear-  bears in pairs!

Halloween bread bears 012 -bears getting dressed!

Halloween bread bears 013

– bears bagged and ready to go!

They looked so cute, I couldn’t keep the pictures all to myself.

14 thoughts on “A Basket of Bread bears…(subtitled Lord of the bears)

  1. Thank you all- I have a tremendous headache and a body shaking cough- I took lots of medication and made the bears and then crashed on the couch for the rest of the day. It was so nice to have so many friendly smiling comments to come back to!
    To answer the ???- I don’t get any trick or treaters. My street is too busy with traffic and the houses are very far apart.
    The Bake Shop in Ghent ordered some for a party and I made extra for the grandboys!
    I usually only make whole wheat because it is easy to work with- but today- everything worked well- “I am the Lord of the Bread Bears, says I”

  2. I want one! They look wonderful. I’m sure the kids who get them will delighted to say the least! Please tell me the next time you make bread bears and I will come purchase some from you!

  3. I love their little fat tummies, taking advantage of the natural swell of the dough, you are so very talented at shaping dough. I do hope you feel better soon !

  4. I did. When I was putting him to bed, he said that he needs two bread bears because they are going to talk with bear. Bear has two ears and needs one bear to talk to each ear.

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