A bouquet of prayer

 Baby and prayer bouquet 001

I’m expecting  a new grandson, soon.

That means Willow is expecting and ripe with this baby.

This morning – in anticipation of the event- I walked around the yard- praying for them.  The baby, Willow, Luke and Aidan.  Praying for safety and timing, for wisdom and strength, for health and endurance, for joyous beginnings.  Just praying.   And as I walked and prayed, I picked a branch here, a spray there, a pinch, a pull, and suddenly- a BOUQUET was in my hands.

It was built on the wings of prayer- the pine for the mountains Willow was raised in, the eucalyptus for its fresh enduring fragrance, parsley- that’s for perseverance, sage for wisdom, rosemary for remembrance, bittersweet for the pain and the joy to follow, lavender for the sweetness, and lemongrass for the freshness of spirit.

I didn’t plan what to pick- this is what I had available in my garden today- but it is all appropriate for a new mother and baby.  I brought it inside and wrapped it together with a ribbon and added a bow- a prayer bouquet.


Baby and prayer bouquet 001 Baby and prayer bouquet 002 Baby and prayer bouquet 004


Of course, I am also prepared with baby and little boy toys-

Baby and prayer bouquet 005

Flowers are fine- but the way to Aidan’s heart may just run along a Thomas the train railway track!

10 thoughts on “A bouquet of prayer

  1. Thanks for the digital flowers. The thoughts and prayers that accompany them are beautiful and inspiring. Thank you. We’ll have to be sure Aidan doesn’t check grandma’s blog and spoil the surprise.

  2. I love the prayer bouquet. It is as unique as you are! I had a day of prayer too for a very important issue dear to my heart. May the Lord’s will be done for us both.

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