Small Joys

eucalyptus wreaths 008

The smell of eucalyptus in my living room!


crafts and cozies 002

Knitted pumpkin tea cozies!

Clam chowder 009

Clam chowder on a coolish evening.

crafts and cozies 004

Easter lilies blooming in the fall.

crafts and cozies 008

Turkeys made from pressed leaves.

crafts and cozies 014

More knitted tea cozies!

Aiden and stevia 001

Stevia finally blooming!

And all of you, my friends!

I love to hear from you- and know that we are touching each others lives in ways that make us better- in small ways that make us stronger- in joyous ways that make the world smaller and easier to deal with each day.

I loved watching the cheering worldwide when the Chilean miners came up from their long immurement.  We need to cheer each other on and celebrate those things that are joyous. 

Thank you for cheering me on!

12 thoughts on “Small Joys

  1. It’s a great day for those miners and their families and their country and for all of us who are watching – reminds me of Jane Eyre, lost found, the Incredible Journey, the original film. Day of the Dolphins, ET, any homecoming against the odds brings up a surge of weeping here usually. (worst of course being animals and children, but closely followed by something like this extraordinary event) I had to go and bake cookies to calm myself down. I will take them to share with my Tai Chi class tonight. Hope they’re not too vegan as there is butter and an egg in them. Love those teapot cosies! I have no cosy, my teapot always gets cold too soon. Love from me!

  2. I love your tea cosies. No tea pot but maybe I could wrap one of my scarves around my tea mug in a similar fashion? 🙂
    I’m still working on some crocheting, going at a crackin’ pace, about one line a night…should be finished by next winter.

  3. …and now I am back and all the cookies are gone and I am looking with longing at the clam chowder once more… and admiring your lily – is that from your garden? It is a beauty 🙂

  4. Love your tea cozies. I’m very happy you’re doing better.Today was a beautiful day. I love the smell of my eucalyptus. You should come and see the blooms on my crown of thorns. Love

  5. Hi!
    I was gone for a great part of the day- today is my niece’s birthday and we went to a marvelous Thai place for lunch and then played with the children for a while.
    I came home and took and nap and now I am greeted by you all!
    Elizabeth- you are welcome indeed. We all need to search out the small joys in our lives!
    Joanna- Cookies all gone!? You will have to make some more. Have you ever read Richard Lobel’s Frog and Toad are Friends? One of the stories is about cookies and will power- probably one of my favorite children’s stories, ever!
    Stevia is a marvelous green to add to fruit salads and drinks- in more temperate zones it even flowers quite prolifically!
    Brydie –
    I made some cup cosies as well. And it isvery like wrapping a scarf around a cup!
    Lilly- thank you, I am being vigilant in discovering and claiming blessings and joys.
    I hope you have all had joyful days , as well!

  6. And I forgot- those lillies did indeed grow in my garden!
    Cynthia- I’ve just heard about a market on 619 (Turkeyfoot Lake Rd.) that sells wonderful focaccia bread- so maybe I will come and see your blooms and we can search out this market!

  7. Dear Heidi,
    I found your blog through Liz’s. You were my very first “friend” outside of Columbus when we met at Western Camp in Estes Park, Colorado when I was 12 and won the ICFG essay contest. It was fun to find you again and have loved your blog. I now live in Tremont. Blessings to you!!

  8. It’s all right I found some more cookies, some strange squashed shortbread, from an Australian recipe, not quite right, and some more of the choc raisin oat brown sugar ones that I like so much, and a piece of apple and rye cake, so we have just stuffed ourselves silly with cakes and Earl Grey tea – it’s a cold damp grey day, but fortified with butter and sweetness, we’ll carry on. Have you still got good weather?

  9. Thanks, Vera- you have a good memory! I’m happy to be back in touch.
    Jo- so glad you found some cookies! Our weather is my favorite kind. Crisp and sunny with occasional blustery wind and thunderstorms! I love the fall.

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