Knitting and felting bowls

pie and Aidan in the sunshine 005

Willow asked for some felted bowls for her birthday.

I made five.  I have a real hard time choosing just the RIGHT one of anything- so I always make more so you can choose or just take the whole lot! 🙂

Willow wisely chose the whole lot- and they really all turned out quite lovely.

bread nd yarn 002 salty nutty bars 008 salty nutty bars 002

They started out  quite large- then I gave them a hot water bath in the washer-

bowls and eggs and savory pastry 001 bowls and eggs and savory pastry 006 bowls and eggs and savory pastry 007 bowls and eggs and savory pastry 013

And presto -chango- they became tight and compact bowls needing only to be blocked into an appropriate shape.

bowls and eggs and savory pastry 016

I added a little felted bee to the inside of this one-

bowls and eggs and savory pastry 017 Just BEE’cause I wanted to and I could!

bowls and eggs and savory pastry 015

Happy Birthday, Willow-  you have the whole month of September to celebrate!

11 thoughts on “Knitting and felting bowls

  1. What gorgeous bowls – you are so good at crafts – the colours are so vibrant, is that something that happens in the felting process? I remember felt as thin sheets of stuff that we used to try and make dolls clothes out of because it didn’t fray, going back years again. Anyway those are just beautiful!

  2. They look lovely those little bowls. Felting intrigues me. You knit, you wash it, it turns into felt and then you shape it. Anyone that does it says its soooo easy, but I just see question marks all over it, and completely bewilders me.

    *I’m working on my bread presentation thanks to you Heidiannie. There is a whole lot of plaiting and twirling and cutting now happening in the kitchen 🙂

  3. Joanna- those felt sheets weren’t real felted wool, more like a synthetic. Wool felt is thick and substantial and, yes, beautiful! I love working with it.

    Brydie- It is really easy. The wool does all the work grabbing each other’s fibers and drawing tightly together. Even if you can’t knit well at all, the felting hides all of your mistakes and when you block it, it takes on the shape of your bowl or cylinder or box. Easy as pie!

  4. Skeins of more wool, potpourri, herbs, collected sea shells, small ornaments, tea bags, acorns and buckeyes collected on a nature walk. You can fill them with a days mementos and then share the activities of the day with someone who had to go to work or school- they are whimsical- fill them with dreams and wishes written on scraps of colorful paper.
    They evoke a different thought pattern and style than a bread bowl. but then I can see your heart rolls nestled happily inside, kept warm by the wool.

  5. Heidi, You should let them know about the beautiful felted purses you make. I love the bowls as well. You’re right we all enjoyed spending Willow’s special day with her.

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