Pony Boy

  This is Not a reference to The Outsiders.

No.  I thought you might like to see how very much Aidan loved his pony bread.

rhubarb pie and pony bread 005

Please disregard all the mess in the background and focus your attention on the small boy and his pony/bread.

rhubarb pie and pony bread 006rhubarb pie and pony bread 007

Because as you can see- he really loved this bread.

rhubarb pie and pony bread 008

He bit his tail…

rhubarb pie and pony bread 010

…chewed off his face…

 rhubarb pie and pony bread 011   then shook him up a little.


rhubarb pie and pony bread 012

All together I’d say he loved it! 

After the pictures were done, he took his bread into a corner behind the table and ate almost all of the bread before we could bother him further.

This child loves bread as much as his grandmother.

And that is just fine with us both!

6 thoughts on “Pony Boy

  1. I love making bread for Aidan- he is as excited to eat it as I am to make it! And he is so much fun! It is amazing how well he can articulate his thoughts and order the patterns of the adults around him.
    At dinner, he looked around the table , put his hands into a praying position, and said,”Shall we pray?”
    A blessing on the bread and the child.

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