Summer on my mind

 midsummer 016

Echinacea at Stan Hywet

It has arrived.

It has been hot.

The flowers and veggies (and weeds) and grass are all growing.

But I haven’t really acknowledged it until Saturday.

Summer! SUMMER!  SUMMER!!!

I’ve been somewhere else in my mind… and I’m just now getting into the framework of summertime. 

Iced tea on the porch with a plateful of sugar cookies on the table to munch.

Afternoons spent walking around the gardens- paying close attention to the floral and insect displays- looking at the standout blossoms and taking in the wide panorama of green.

midsummer 019

And watching the little ones splash in water.

midsummer 021

Summer is not just a season.  It is a viewpoint- a state of mind- a relaxing of boundaries- an enjoyment of the senses- in a sense- time out of time.

It takes me a while to reach it- this summer state of mind.  As a child, I was there pretty much all year long.  As a young adult it was not far from view, but now it is a journey.  And I don’t always recognize how far I am away until June is almost over.  Then suddenly, like an epiphany it comes to me.

Slow down- pay attention- savor these moments.

midsummer 013

Because now is the time to grow and ripen and be fruitful.

It’s SUMMER!!!

6 thoughts on “Summer on my mind

  1. Beautiful pictures, Heidi. After all of the running they did they needed the water to cool off. It was a beautiful time.

  2. Now, those are my kind of pictures! I love summer, maybe that’s why I am in a place where it’s mostly summer weather! Enjoy those beautiful colors!

  3. Celia,
    I just came from your post on fleece- 2.8 is about 27 degrees?
    You are from a temperate zone , aren’t you? Our winters are much colder but I LIKE cold weather.
    Anything over 80 degrees F is too hot for me.
    Glad I could warm up your afternoon!

  4. thanks, Karen!
    I am enjoying the colors, just not the heat! 🙂
    But the temperatures have come down to my comfort level now- the 70’s – so I’m enjoying the whole package of summer right now!

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