today is Midsummer Day…

scan0018 Robin and I would plan a feast and invite friends to share.

One year we dressed in medieval costumes (with a Shakespearian flare)

ate chicken on trenchers of bread and drank mead.

We had a small talent show, and then went for a late night swim.

Several years ago, I organized a party and put up tents in my backyard- ostensibly as a graduation party for Jordan- but it was really for Midsummer.

This year, I made knotty rolls with anisette on top.

midsummer 001 midsummer 002 midsummer 003                Frank won’t let me have a bonfire.

My birthday is this weekend so I can’t REALLY have another party.

But – I love Midsummer Day or St. John’s Day.

I’m going to light a WHOLE lot of candles on the deck and pretend it is a bonfire.

This is what happens when your childhood companions die young.

You are left with desires for the past that others just don’t understand.

scan0016 scan0017

Happy Midsummer Day- Past and Present from Puck, Ophelia, the Lady of the Manor and the crone.  

4 thoughts on “today is Midsummer Day…

  1. Sounds lovely, even if you can’t have the bonfire. 🙂

    Have you ever been to a Shakespeare performance at Stan Hywet? I’ve wanted to go several times and it just didn’t work into my schedule with the kids.

  2. I have, actually! We went to see a performance of Othello some years ago. It was very good- and the ambiance of the setting was spectacular. We are going to Stan Hywet for a luncheon on my birthday, Saturday.

  3. The pictures look good. Did your guests dress for the party? Sure you can have all the parties you want. I like your costume.

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