I finally fed it and then used it.

Allyson and baby and cheries 001 Sourdough starter= demanding!

Look how bad I’ve been.  Actually just busy and now down with a nasty head cold that generated a cough that shakes and rattles my head and hurts my chest.

But I HAVE neglected my starter something terrible.  So today I determined to use it and feed it and stick it back into the dark recesses of my refrigerator to work on digesting a new batch of flour.

I ended up with a delightful cottage loaf.  It is a little underbaked, but I’m going to freeze it and finish baking it later- I can’t eat a whole loaf of rye bread before it goes bad in this humid weather.

Strawberries and bread 007

It really is quite lovely!  It didn’t blow up or lean over or split it sides or anything.Strawberries and bread 008

And I made some white bread for Frank- he doesn’t like healthy full grain breads.

Strawberries and bread 006

So here is tomorrow’s toast for him.

Tomorrow I’m going to start on the recipes for the enemies presence feast.

6 thoughts on “I finally fed it and then used it.

  1. Your bread looks great! So sorry to hear you are not feeling well again. Get better soon! And see a doctor if you need to.

  2. I’d be honored, Celia. My first attempt was passable, but I ran into some very uncooperative loaves after that. My husband wants to know why I keep making this funny shaped bread that is hard to slice? I think it is a fun shape- not funny.

  3. That’s a great cottage loaf! Tell your husband you are baking one of the hardest loaves to shape and he should be well impressed! I love the seeds on the top!

    And that starter of yours looks fine, they all do that if you leave them in the fridge for a while 🙂

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