Green and lovely

Ohio and Pennsylvania are so lush and beautiful!

It rained all the way through PA on our way back from the Eastern Shore of Virginia- but it was like a fairyland beyond the turn pike and the rain slicked windshield.  The mountains were covered with a light foggy mist, the grass and trees so green and the farmland so rich- the cows looked like a convention of wealthy landowners contemplating their riches. 

And coming into Ohio, right before dusk, the light was just beginning to fail, the sky was grey and forbidding with dark rain clouds, but everything was an emerald green.  And the color was not an adjective but an attribute- essentially green- intrinsically green- green from the core. 

I missed it.

We had a couple of CDs of hymns that we sang along with all the way home.  There is such beauty and power and praise in those old hymns.

I like the choruses and praise songs, but singing hymns is like reciting the Psalms- beauty of words and music, all mixed up with the description of the Godhead and the praise due to our LORD by men.

So- it was a long drive, we were pulling a trailer that was a little scary around the curves and hills of western Maryland and PA, it was rainy, windy and cold- but God was good and granted us many travel mercies.  And I like to sing and discuss theology with Frank without interruption.  We travel well, together, and that is a wonderful thing to acknowledge almost 35 years into the marriage!

No pictures- just word pictures and memories- but I’ll put up some memorable food pictures from our week at the Sailors Rest later.  I love the 6 burner gas range I can cook on there.  As our friend Eric said, “Now you’re cooking with gas!”

(My mother used to use that expression- I hadn’t heard it in such a long time- can anyone identify WHERE that expression came from? )

2 thoughts on “Green and lovely

  1. Love your word pictures and memories. Tom and i travel well together too. We often listen to books on tape and discuss the plots etc. Good times. So glad you enjoy one another. Love you!

  2. Frank is easy to travel with and at times can be fun. Ohio is a beautiful state to live in. I enjoy hearing and singing the old hymns. I’m happy you and Frank had a good time going and coming. I’m happy you are home. love

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