So- Is he out to get me?

 Chincoteague May-day5 017

Do you see it?

I didn’t.

Chincoteague May-day5 019

Chincoteague May-day5 018

NOW I see it.

But he keeps doing this – leaving stuff around that will bite, trip, entangle or hit me in the head.  And then he tells me I’m accident-prone.

Seriously, this hammer is lurking about-waiting to get me again.

Chincoteague May-day5 025

I think it liked the taste of my blood.

I may be accident-prone- but that doesn’t mean he isn’t out to get me.


4 thoughts on “So- Is he out to get me?

  1. My toe is better- it as such a surprise that I couldn’t believe it at first! The hammer bit me- like a poisonous snake.
    Anyway- I’m keeping my eye out for the venomous thing in the future!

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