Here’s a strange little story…

Chincoteague May-day2 016 I walked again today.  I made it about a mile in 30 minutes of interrupted walking.

This is a BIG deal, because I haven’t been walking in a long time and have very little stamina anymore.   I ride a stationary bike for about 15 minutes a day- and do a little stretching yoga- so really I’m out of shape.

But…( here’s the strange part)  I’m knitting a sock.  Yes, that is singular- I plan on knitting another one, but not to match the first.  Or for that matter am I knitting a pair to go with the second.  The third pair I knit will be a twosome. 

Knitting socks has always been on my wish list.  Something I’d like to be able to do with some proficiency- like making bread- writing- speaking publicly.

However, I have GREAT difficulty understanding and following patterns.  So I joined a knitting group that meets in Copley, my home town, and we are all knitting together.  They are ALL better than I am at knitting socks.  Theirs all look like socks that someone could actually wear.  One of the ladies, Jane , took one look at my sock and laughed.  She asked if I was knitting it for big foot.

Chincoteague May-day2 018

I said it would have to be for Big FEE T- I can’t help it- I have hobbit feet.  They are wide and sturdy and right now I have gout in the right one- so – yes- big foot.

Anyway, we got to talking and getting to know each other when said that she wanted to start walking and wondered if any of us would walk with her a couple of days a week.  It grew very quiet in that room full of ladies.

Then we started talking about  other subjects and kept on knitting.

Jane looked across the table at me and asked if I lived in Copley. 

It turns out she lives down the road from me and she was determined that I would be her walking partner.  I hedged and hemmed and hawed and shook my head looking very discouraging and said that I hadn’t walked for a while and didn’t think I was the right person for her.  She said we could start out slow.

She gave me her phone number, I gave her mine, we set up a tentative schedule-

AND then she looked me full in the face and said, ” I’m sent from heaven to get you walking.  You’ll see, this will be good for us both.”

Did I mention Jane’s last name?  It’s Snow- as in the former food editor of the Akron Beacon Journal? 

So here I am- trying to get into some kind of walking stamina while working on this house in Virginia.  Frank keeps giving me MORE jobs, on top of those I had already planned to do- I’m sore- I’m tired- and I’m trying to walk a little every day. 

And all because HEAVEN sent Jane Snow to get me walking.

By the way, the reason these socks are so big is because I’m using super large yarn to make Cottage socks.  I bought the yarn because it had this picture on the skeins.

Chincoteague May-day2 020

While walking today, I came upon a directive in the sidewalk-

Chincoteague May-day3 011 So go ahead-Laugh!

6 thoughts on “Here’s a strange little story…

  1. Happy Your walking again. Knowing you, I’m sure you will have a good time with Jane. Your sock looks good. I like your cottage sock.I’m missing you!

  2. Heidi, far be it for us to question, if HEAVEN sent someone to make you walk, then maybe you need to walk. It reminds me of Pete telling me that maybe God sent me INDIGESTION so I’d stop eating such big meals! (I’m listening, I’m listening…)

  3. Glad you are walking again! It will certainly be beneficial for you in many ways. Sorry about the gout; eat some cherries. I hear that helps. Love you!

  4. Celia,
    I’m laughing at the irony of HEAVEN sending me someone to walk with- when honestly- I’d rather do the solitary bike ride in my basement! Maybe God is directing us both- who knows?
    They will just be more steps on the journey for me.
    Lilly- I’m happy and willing to eat cherries whether it helps the gout or not- thanks for the suggestion. 🙂
    And Cynthia, I miss you too. 🙁 – next time- come along!

  5. Glad to hear that the house is in a good location where you can walk around since you are limited on mode of transportation. Thanks for all of your work on my place!! Take time to enjoy it too!

  6. We only laugh because we care! And, hey, that is a perfectly wonderful sock! You’re just getting the method down, that’s all. And if it feels good, wear it. I think a pair of those would be wonderful for around the house in the winter. They remind me of the socks our exchange student from Finland brought us when I was in junior high.
    Hope to see you next week!

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