Eating at The Sailor’s Rest

Girlie lunch 010 The Sailor’s Rest- that is the name of Meredith’s home here on Chincoteague Island, VA.  It has to do with a historical movement associated with the Young Men Christian Association (YMCA)- started in the 1860’s, Sailor’s Rests were set up as places of respite for sailor’s on land-places where they could stay and spend their time ashore that didn’t include drinking and loose women.

When Meredith came back from Iraq, she was homeless in Hawaii for about a month- she didn’t have any close friends based there at that time- and there were no vacancies in any apartment buildings that she could afford.  Navy housing is reserved for families and enlisted and for a while she was living out of her Jeep.

So, when she chose this name for her home it was personal and meaningful- a place of respite.

Frank and I have been working for the past two weeks to clean, paint, stain and equip this house for the summer rental season.  Admittedly, Frank has done the lion’s share of the manual work- at best I have been an assistant and cleaning lady.  Except that I have also been doing laundry and planning and preparing meals and doing all those things that keep a household moving along smoothly.

I’ve been making some of his favorite meals- Chili with fresh baked bread, Chicken Paprikas, Italian Sausage with tomatoes,peppers, and onions baked on sliced potatoes, Hamburgers with homemade potato chips, Mushroom and pepperoni pizza, fried chicken with biscuits, Liver and onions, Beef stew- do you get the idea, here?  Heavy, meat laden meals interspersed with a couple of chef salad’s and soups?

Today I decided to make a lunch that I would enjoy.

Girlie lunch 002

Bacon and spinach quiche with a spinach and strawberry salad topped with thin sliced red onions and honey roasted sesame sticks- YUM!

Right?  YUM?

Girlie lunch 005 

He said, ” What is this?  Did you make me a GIRLY lunch?”

He ate the quiche, then all the strawberries off of the top of his salad(not a spinach salad for Frank)Girlie lunch 006 because strawberries do NOT belong on a salad according to Frank. 

He wouldn’t eat another slice of quiche so I got out the left-over liver- which I had tried to throw away-Girlie lunch 007and heated it in the microwave.

He was happy with the oatmeal-raisin cookies I made for dessert.

 Girlie lunch 004 Girlie lunch 009

We are coming home on Sunday- I have couple more meals to prepare- there are still rooms that need to be painted. Tonight we are having Stir fry  vegetables with pork and soba noodles- and maybe ice cream for dessert from the Island Creamery.

I sure wish I could cook some fish or clams- but Frank won’t eat seafood.

Next time – I’m coming with less finicky eaters.


Girlie lunch 016 If you are in the area when I’m here- come for lunch- I would sure welcome some GIRLY lunch enthusiasts!

5 thoughts on “Eating at The Sailor’s Rest

  1. My stomach literally started growling when I saw the picture of the girly lunch. Your gifts are wasted on Frank. 😉 (But we still love him…and all of his hard work!!!!)

  2. Oh boy! If I could EVER be around when you’re there I would DEFINITELY come for a girly lunch! Those kinds of fabulous lunches come few and far between for me, too!! We could send Fred and Uncle Frank somewhere for their meat and potato meal and we could have a delicious girly lunch with spices and textures and colors! Mmmmm!

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