Microwave potato chips- a recipe aka~ true love for savory lovers!

 chips and pots 024 I read a lot of food blogs.  I love these men and women who are dedicated to baking and cooking and experimenting and sharing their recipes with the rest of us!  Lately, I’ve been reading this Australian blog- fig jam and lime cordial.  And she has shared a wonderful recipe that she got off of another blog, spicegirl- who got it from another blog- do you get the picture here? 

Anyway, I’m sharing it with you, because I am in LOVE with these chips- or crisps as the people from the land of OZ call them.

They are so easy to make.  AND they are delicious and not greasy and homemade and GOOD!

OK- this is what you need to make these!

~A mandolin for cutting the slices thin and uniform.  You could also use a food processor.

~a potato (or 10 potatoes- you decide)

~olive oil

~a sheet of parchment paper

~a microwave safe plate

~a microwave

~sea salt (fine)

Then you do this:

chips and pots 014

Slice potato into thin slices-

chips and pots 015

Pour 1 tsp of olive oil and turn them about to distribute it evenly on slices-

 chips and pots 017

Place on parchment paper covered dish – one layer only-

 chips and pots 018

Place in microwave and cook on high for about 4 minutes.

chips and pots 019

If you are like me you will stand and watch them, mouth watering, as they crisp up in the oven.

chips and pots 020 chips and pots 021 chips and pots 022

1 1/2 minutes…………. 3 minutes…………………..4 minutes!

chips and pots 023 Add salt to your taste and enjoy!

I finished my chips by the time the pictures uploaded- then while I was typing up the recipe, Cynthia came over and I made another batch for her.  Which are also now all gone.

Twelve chips = 1/2 medium potato.

10 thoughts on “Microwave potato chips- a recipe aka~ true love for savory lovers!

  1. I love making potato chips this way. And yes, I will stand at the microwave waiting for them to “cook”. I’ve also made them without the oil. Even without the olid, they still taste better than what comes in the bag!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I am a savory lover for SURE! You can bet I’m going to try this super easy recipe! Thanks, Aunt Heidi! This just may be my lunch today. 🙂 The only problem I am seeing at this point is that if I let anyone else in this house try them, I’ll be standing in front of that microwave for hours while I make these for the whole family!

  3. Oh boy! I am a savory loving person for sure! I think I just may have these for my lunch today. The only problem I see with this recipe in this house is that if I let the rest of the family in on this secret, I may be standing in front of the microwave for hours as I make these for the rest of them! 🙂 Thanks for posting!

  4. So , I must have been excited here to post twice. Actually, it said that it didn’t post, so I tried to write again. Sorry for the double post!

  5. Great bedtime snack for a Saturday night! Yummy! Thanks, Heidi! I am using those few minutes to reflect on God’s greatness; your presence, albeit far in body but close in words, makes me think of food and God!

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