Scotch Egg Meatloaf- recipe

Scotch meat loaf

It really is quite lovely.

And the taste is just perfect.

Especially if you love Scotch eggs.


Scotch meat loaf 016

Nor only is it covered with bacon, but it is stuffed with boiled eggs!

And it is totally delicious.

I saw this on a blog from OZ and just decided to make it my own.

I was not thrilled with the recipe they offered, but the concept- I took it and ran!

So here is my adapted recipe for Scotch Meatloaf.


1 lb. ground round

1 lb. ground pork

1 lb. ground chicken(or turkey)

1 onion, medium, diced

3/4 cup chopped parsley

1 tsp sea salt

1/2 tsp coarse ground pepper

1 cup bread crumbs

1 egg (raw)

1 tsp gravy magic or Worcestershire sauce

4 large boiled eggs, peeled

7 slices good quality bacon


Boil eggs- place in cold water and bring to boil.  Cover with tight fitting lid and time setting for 20 minutes.  Then pour out hot water and immediately immerse eggs into cold water.  You want them to cool off as soon as possible.

Boiling the eggs in this way insures that the yolks will not turn color and that the shell will release easily without tearing up the egg.

Scotch meat loaf 001 

Peel  at least four of the eggs and set aside.

Mix together the first 10 ingredients in a large bowl.

Scotch meat loaf 003

You can use a strong wooden spoon- or just wash your hands well and mix together with your fingers.  Either way- make sure everything is well mixed- the best meatloaf needs a thorough amalgamation of ingredients. 

Optional: you may wish to add a bit of sage or fennel seed to the mix if you want a more sausage flavor.  I didn’t and it turned out very well- but I think it would be fun.

Scotch meat loaf 004

Now- divide the meat in half and put the first half into the bottom of your loaf pan and make an egg size trough down the center.  Put the eggs into the trough next to each other in a line.

Scotch meat loaf 005

And then, using the other half of meat, cover the eggs and pinch the sides together so that it is a solid loaf of meat.

Scotch meat loaf 007

Cover with thick slices of bacon and bake for at least an hour at 375 degrees.

I covered the top for the baking time and then turned the oven to broil and uncovered the loaf so that the bacon could crisp. 

Broil another 5 minutes- until bacon looks crisp enough for your taste.

Scotch meat loaf 015

This is a recipe that you will make over and over again, if you like meatloaf and eggs and bacon.

Scotch meat loaf 017

Add a salad and some sugar snap peas-

And dinner is served!

5 thoughts on “Scotch Egg Meatloaf- recipe

  1. Now THAT looks delicious! The peas actually caught my eye, but the meatloaf looks so good I can practically smell it! And I have to admit that when I read your instructions for boiling eggs I thought, “Well, Aunt Heidi can do them any way she wishes. I will continue to remove mine from the heat. ” 🙂 Glad to know we do it the same way after all!

  2. this is a couple of comments off of Facebook, but is a good use for the left overs and I wanted to share it with all of you.

    Elizabeth Bocka The Scotch Egg meatloaf was YUMMY! Thanks!
    13 minutes ago · Comment · LikeUnlike · See Wall-to-Wall
    Heidi Fodor
    Heidi Fodor
    Glad you enjoyed it- we just finished off the left overs last night- I fried up one slice of bacon with some onion, placed slices of meat loaf on top, then filled the pan with spinach and covered it. when the spinach wilted over the slices, I sprinkled grated Swiss cheese on top and recovered the pan allowing the cheese to melt.
    They had no idea it was left overs until I told them after supper!

  3. This is the most unique meatloaf I have ever seen. I’ve heard mentioned before that any dish that incorporates bacon always turns out yummy! 🙂 If I ever get around to cooking, I’m going to give this a try!

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