Turtle Tea for Three- dedicated to Meredith

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I told you about the tea we had at The Sailors’ Rest.

And I showed you pictures and shared the menu and a recipe.

Here is another tea I went to recently, in Columbus.

Meredith bought Aidan this great turtle towel at Pony Tails in Chincoteague.

She bought him a HUGE stuffed turtle in Hawaii and he loves it, so when she saw this towel she just picked it up and bought it!

And Aidan loves teapots!  Really, really loves them.

So we found him an aluminum teapot and added some Asparagus biscuits and you have a tea party.

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Did I forget to mention how much he loves to peel Clementines?

So- towel, tea, biscuits and tangerines.

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These all added up to a great tea!  Especially when you add Aidan, Grandma and Willow to the equation.

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franklin conservatory 021 Because we had a LOT of fun.

4 thoughts on “Turtle Tea for Three- dedicated to Meredith

  1. Asparagus biscuits are a Japanese treat. They are small digestive cookies that are shaped like asparagus spears and have a sprinkle of dried asparagus. They are more like an animal cracker or graham cracker but with a pretzel sort of appeal.
    Hard to describe but great with tea.
    I like them.

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